About Casacarta

Misty Minton created Casacarta after moving into a new apartment and becoming frustrated when she had a hard time finding  products for the home which were not only unique but were real statement pieces. As a result she decided to create them themselves. Casacarta came about as a result of identifying a gap in the market for cool, unique homeware that really stood out. Every item is designed to be a statement piece.

Misty obtained her degree in business and economics from UCL.  After graduating she worked for The Dorchester Collection in Business development and operations. She then went on to work for various property companies including Savills and Knight Frank. It was here she developed an interest in homeware and design.

Each Casacarta piece reflects unique and innovative designs. The aim is to produce beautiful, imaginative objects that are functional for everyday use. All pieces are handmade in the UK using fine bone china and porcelain and are screen printed with 22 carat gold and platinum leaf.

The collection's candles consist of high quality soy wax presented in porcelain containers. Each container is made by skilled craftsmen with hand applied screen prints. You'll want these candles as much for the desirable holders as for the invigorating scents. Once the candle has gone, the porcelain vessel can be reused or displayed as an objet d'art.

All Casacarta products are made with great care by skilled craftsmen and every item is designed to be a statement piece. I hope that you enjoy them.




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